wake up america

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Song: Sugame no Sakana (On Air Ver.)
Artist: Masuda Toshio
Album: Mushishi Soundtrack 2
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…no matter where you might be.


What do I do?



i’m so so so grateful that one of the biggest and most important lessons in mushishi is just simply to live and keep living. that nature is constantly giving back life, urging you to pick yourself up again, telling you that the world is so big and that there are so many places to belong. weigh every bit of sadness and happiness in your hands as a reminder that you are still alive. rebuild, heal, even after devastation and loss. live and survive in any way that you can.

ok this made me laugh a lot

xcuse me im completely serious

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when u think about it the beginning of this op where the narration is interrupted by an “IF U BELIEVE IT” is actually a way to encourage the audience to question what’s being told to them

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