im glad its being brought to tumblrs attention how gross oikawa tooru is, especially after last hq episode. i’d like to present three cases in which he just continues to prove himself, that he is a heartless, cruel and manipulative teenager.


in this moment, it is apparent from oikawa’s face that he is arrogant and that he gains satisfaction from watching his opponents struggle in front of him. his facial expression speaks of open mockery, louder than any cruel words that might escape his shapely, but merciless mouth. oikawa clearly gains pleasure from playing both his opponents, AND his teammates who fall into the trap of his sweet words all the time.


this is oikawa after he proposes ”shall we bury him”, in hinata’s direction. it’s shocking how unapologetic he is. just looking at his smug, overjoyed expression here brings an unpleasant feeling to my stomach. he intimidates hinata with his words and presumably his own height. he is a tall volleyball player, taller than most of other players and he uses it to his advantage, which i think we all agree is simply the scumbag level of manipulation and cruelty. oikawa got tall and he never felt sorry for this, never looked in the mirror and felt sad that he is taller than other volleyball players he defeated. nevertheless, he never wastes his breath telling hinata that he would bury him because he causes so much trouble on the court. such approach is inhumane and im shocked that people are willing to go to such lenghts to excuse oikawa’s duh, inexcusable behavior.


look at this. seriously just look. oikawa is passing a ball to one of his teammates, iwaizume hajimi, (who is also tortured by oikawa’s presence since they were like 5) and ENJOYS it. he enjoys seeing his poor teammate spiking his ball, as he previously manipulated him to do by stroking his back and using the abnormal length of his eyelashes to lure hajimi into his trap. the look on his face is sickening. i don’t think it’s normal to wear an expression like that during a game. just proves that oikawa plays with an ulterior motive of making people around him suffer.


this moment seriously felt like punch in the gut the moment i saw that. oikawa’s joy and lack of empathy for his opponent’s mistake is seriously sickening. everyone seeing that their opponent made a mistake, should just stop the game, cross the net, and hug each and every member of an opposite team, whispering encouraging sweet nothings into their ears. but oikawa is known for his lack of empathy and care for those he managed to defeat in volleyball. he never felt sad for the defeated team. he is ambitious and ambition is considered one of the sports manga sins. he dares to enjoy his own victories and successful stunts against the opposite team like an evil and cruel teenager he is. oikawa never apologized to any team he defeated. when he goes on court to play… he wants to win… and if this isn’t fucked up, then i don’t know what is.

Moniwa-senpai is proud of you (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

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Drunk Zura drunk Zura DRUNK ZURA

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 We live in a really weird era of feminism in which we’re not allowed to criticise any oppressive constructs/industries (marriage, beauty/make up, porn, etc) just because some women enjoy them.

I’m really sick of of opinions and discussions being shut down with “it’s not oppressive if we like it! Don’t you know that some women CHOOSE to do these things?”

Well, heck. don’t you know that  men/the patriarchy have a lot to gain in keeping us content and complicit in our own oppression?

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i know i shouldn’t read too much into this, but it’s just too cute not to point out






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Mehh I’m a bit late to do this drawing T.T…well now you guys have one more version of it ^^’

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old drawing

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i like birbs a lot

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I’ve gone to the nationals for 3 years and I’m absolutely, positively better at this than you! But it was only recently that I started to think that volleyball was “enjoyable”. And that’s because my “straight spike” became useable in actual matches. The cross spike that was originally my specialty kept getting stopped cold. It was so damn frustrating, so I kept practicing my straight spike, and then, in the next competition, those same opponents who’d blocked me before couldn’t even tough the straight I drove past them. With that one hit, it felt like “my time had come”!! It’s a matter of whether “that moment” exists for you or not. What will happen in the future and whether or not you can win the next match… for once, none of that matters. Crushing the guys in front of you, and the amazing feeling of having shown 120% of your strength are everything…. If you expierience that moment, it’ll really get you hooked on volleyball.

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